Hello fellow pawns,

Greetings again for those who joined us a month ago, and a very heartly welcome to all you new pawns This is the second output of "the monarch's newsletter", commissioned by both kings, printed by the court of arbitration and sent to you by me, Ingo - master of words. Both kings commanded me to thank you for taking interest in all news the court of arbitration sees fitting to be exposed to your eyes. - maybe i have to think of a new opening text next episode ??


Kickstarter starting shortly - going strong before the start

When everything works out fine, the Kickstarter campaign should start very soon. Hopefully sometime next month, but there is still some extra time to be spent on it. I checked the campaign a few seconds ago, and counted 814 preregistrations.. Even the kings seemed to be impressed ....Pre- Registration is still possible right now.

< Link to kickstarter preview page

Homepage changes - easter contest - press kit

There has been some changes to our internet outpost. Watch the lovely background video, and some information updates. We also had an easter contest, and three winners were chosen between all those sherlocks that found all five golden eggs on the page. The eggs are still there, for those who want to search for them. And if you are interested you can find useful stuff in a lovely press kit and find new reports on "of pawns & kings" on the press release page.

We even managed to create some mugs for those clever pawns. Hopefully they will be on the way to them, soon !

< Link to of pawns & kings outpost


Gamestar TV - Devplay

While working hard on making this game we managed to get a very nice report on our game by the lovely folks at Gamestar. This was a huge pleasure and really made kickstarter preregistration rise ;-) And if this was not enough we even managed to be invited to Devplay and talked with german developer studio legends like Deck 13, Piranha Bytes and Black Forrest Games in three episodes. These guys created a lot of those games I played, when i was younger. So much younger ....

< Link to GamestarTV Report

< Link to Devplay episode 01

< Link to Devplay episode 02

< Link to Devplay episode 13

Is there a god watching (again)??

Old, dark rumors spoke of some crazy god, that claims to have created all these amazing places we are living in. There are different opinions on this, but most people dont seem to believe in it. To make it absolutely clear, both kings strongly deny it and speaking it outloud could lead to a longer vacation in one of the kings prisons with all their amusement facilities included...

But its hard to ignore this name written on all these walls lately.... monkey mac jones ... what a terrible name !

Though, the more often I speak it the more its reminding me of something in my past... Have to think about it more.... wasnt it something related to a guy named Lucas who was extraordinary skilled in arts ... or something similar.

Na, just dont think of it anymore.. stupid mind.

< Link to monkey mac jones


instagram 500

Another goal we reached a few days ago, is a solid base of 500 pawns following us on instagram.
Good times are coming !

Reminder to myself: Sleep less, care more ! Social media is something I really need more expertise in !!

Sorry, I did not know what to write more about it, but wanted the image left to this text to be bigger than only fitting the small amount of words here.

So I keep on writing and filling these lines and making some unneeded paragraphs etc. etc. etc.

Paragraph 01

Paragraph 02

So, I guess now it looks nearly perfect. Sorry for just stealing your time here ! Sometimes a good design is hard to do ;-)

< Link to instagram

White sides player still missing !

Getting back to the quite shocking news of the last newsletter. Sadly I have to tell you there is still no way of lifting this secret. It even managed to get worse ...

The messenger sent out by the court has not returned yet and there was no conversation with him since he left the court. Its becoming really strange here.

Meanwhile, again, let's keep fingers crossed it's nothing but a false alarm, as usual...

But to be totally honest to you, this is! really unusual. It should have taken a few days to get in contact with the family and return here for reporting to the court. Both kings are really getting nervous. I think there will be another messenger send soon ...

Again, lets hope for the best !

of pawns & kings missing player

bureau of tourism:

the bureau of tourism can't help but to show you some beautiful places in this lovely game. So come and see yourself !!

< Link to more pictures of our lovely world


goodbye for now

we have come to the end of our second newsletter. I hope it wasnt a waste of your time and you want to read more about "of pawns & kings" in the next newsletters. It was a pleasure reaching out to you pawns. If you are interested in the game please visit "of pawns & kings" homepage and/or register for the game on kickstarter. And if you wanna support us even more. Please feel free to share the word on "of pawns & kings" with all your friends or check the steam and itch.io pages ! If you have ideas if what I could do next to even grow the number of pawns following us, please let me know ! I am always searching for new ways and ideas to improve. The kings will be grateful, i guess .....

Ingo - master of words.

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If you have questions or suggestions regarding this newsletter or the game itself, please feel free to write me an e-mail