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Hello fellow pawns,

let me send you a warm welcome to our first output of "the monarch's newsletter", commissioned by both kings, printed by the court of arbitration and sent to you by me, Ingo - master of words. Both kings told me to thank you for taking interest in all news the court of arbitration sees fitting to be exposed to your eyes.

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Kickstarter registration online

The kickstarter campaign for "of pawns & kings" is ready and waiting for the kings to set it on fire. Meanwhile I am trying to reach out to all pawns out there. Registration is possible right now.

< Link to kickstarter preview page

"of pawns & kings" base in the web

Quite for some time now, we built an outpost in the web, for all you pawns to gather and keep informed about all stuff related to our world. You can visit it, following this mechanic link.

< Link to of pawns & kings outpost

"of pawns & kings" base on discord

for those of you interested in direct contact to me, i would love to invite you to our discord server.

< Link to of pawns & kings discord

White sides player missing !

I have to tell you some worrying news:

One of the white side players is missing for some days now, and everyone seems to be going crazy about it. I, myself wouldn't be worried too much about this, as nothing of this magnitude has happened for so many years now. We all are civilized now, aren't we ?

Let's hope all this hassle is about nothing and we will laugh about this in the next episode of this newsletter. The court is confident that there is no reason at all to be worried about.

They sent some of their messengers to deal with this strange situation. I will keep you informed about the findings !

Meanwhile let's keep fingers crossed it's nothing but a false alarm, as usual...

of pawns & kings missing player

bureau of tourism:

the bureau of tourism can't help but to show you some beautiful places in this lovely game. So come and see yourself !!

< Link to more pictures of our lovely world


goodbye for now

we have come to the end of our very first newsletter. I hope it wasnt a waste of your time and you want to read more about "of pawns & kings" in the next newsletters. It was a pleasure reaching out to you pawns. If you are interested in the game please visit "of pawns & kings" homepage and/or register for the game on kickstarter. And if you wanna support us even more. Please feel free to share the word on "of pawns & kings" with all your friends or check the steam and itch.io pages !

Ingo - master of words.

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